Cadillac Allanté “survival” rates for 2012

The Cadillac Allanté was produced for seven model years, 1987 through 1993. According to The Cadillac Allanté-XLR Club, a total of 21,432 were manufactured during that period. No one seems to know how many of those “survive,” that is to say, remain road-worthy today. But one way to get a general idea is through application of rate multipliers provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and its January 2009 Technical Report, “Vehicle Survivability and Travel Mileage Schedules” (DOT HS 809 952). Calculations extend only to a 25-year horizon, meaning that the survival rate for…

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Video explains “Do less, more fully”

Fifteen years ago, I went through a life-changing event that prompted me to carve out the time to literally develop a personal mission statement. “Do less, more” is what came of that. I revisit and tweak it on a regular basis, more for the benefit of others than myself. It’s not just a matter of becoming involved in fewer things, but, a related call to become more engaged, my passionately, with greater commitment, in those few things that make the cut. This morning, I was pleasantly surprised to come across on the YouTube Channel for Stanford Business an interview with…

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What if nothing “better” came out this year?

Last month I was looking through several “best of” lists for digital cameras on sites I regularly visit and respect. And, okay, yeah— I also skated through a blog or two written by glib, meandering sorts who obviously write with more of an eye toward SEO than delivering substantive (let alone unique) value to their readers. In the first case, talking dSLR cameras, I was curious to see that the Nikon D610 hadn’t been included. So I inquired and the writer kindly got back to me, saying that, while obviously “new” in 2013, he and his colleagues hadn’t deemed it…

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When all else fails, cry “Landfill!”

Sounds like Molly Wood at c|net is really peeved off at the new Apple docking port for iPhone 5, et cetera. Wrote a whole article about it, in fact. And wrote on. And on. And on about it. Seems she had two points (buried among her undisciplined prose). That the world is in peril for failure to appreciate (as she does) some oncoming landfill crisis via disposed-of Apple mobile device power / docking cords. That Apple “committed” (in blood?) in 2011 to some “industry standard” and now they’ve heartlessly reneged on that with their Lightning connector. Because, as we all know: Technology is changing at…

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