When I started my first job in marketing in the 1980s, I was blessed to work with a truly brilliant head of a local advertising agency whose creative bias favored copywriting.

Even then David Ogilvy was “old school.” The first I would read of Ogilvy a dog-eared paperback with yellowed pages. And my mentor (who came be a good friend as well) would often remark at how self-compromising too many approaches to the ultimately measurable impact that marketing portended has become, fallen prey to the insistence of influential but inexperienced (if they’d ever come to care) twenty-somethings that wiz-bang must be pursued at all costs.

That “cost” inevitably being paid, of course, by someone other than themselves.


Their 2011 counterparts doubtless won’t make it past the title-roll on this splendid archive video of David Ogilvy; thus, their arrogance will assure them fates as obscure as my peers of three decades past, having modeled themselves after the likes of television’s Darren Stephens.

Hat tip to Robert Bruce of copyblogger for sharing this for me to find.