This is not the Terms of Use Page for my website; that link is immediately below this one on the main menu. Easy mistake to make.

With that out of the way— there’s a certain irony in providing (let alone consciously visiting) an “About Me” page on a website that is solely purposed and named to provide a central place for information about me.

Its Home Page (landing page) setup as summary. The rest is here to flesh that out. Period.

If can we agree on that and you’re still reading this page, then I offer you the following below my signature by way of tidbits and additional organization.

— Dell Deaton
February 5, 2017

  • I have an aversion to beginning paragraphs, bullet-points and similar constructions with the word “I,” and I devote ongoing effort to not doing so. [2017-0205]
  • In my pseudo-blog, there’s a Category labeled “I Collect Quotes.” Apart from this, I’ve provided an “I Collect Quotes” Page that provides my approach. [2017-0205]
  • Not as much on “Words I Like,” but there is a corresponding “Words I Like” page as well. [2017-0205]
  • Although folks may hear me frequently refer to Cesar Romero and Cesar Millen interchangeably, I know the difference. [2017-0206]